Friday, January 23, 2009

More Covers for sale!!

i been trying to clean out originals from my portfolio case for the past year so i can update with newer stuff. i just hate seeing em collect dust. if your interested shoot me an e-mail i'm sellin these off :)


Scott said...

Hello Nick "the Brick" B,

I'm the author of the Court of Tarot article in Rifter #45. Some of your artwork got spliced into my text. I realize that these pictures weren't intended for that article, but I liked the way they meshed anyhow. The severed hand with the eye in the palm is particularly potent imagery.

I appreciate what you down for me, homedog.

nick bradshaw said...

Hey Scott,

Wrong Nick Bradshaw my friend, i never had anything to do with paladium games or any RPG's i'm an animator/comic book artist.

sorry, thanks for checkin out the blog though. :)

Scott said...

Sorry about that -- and thank you for not cursing me out.

nick bradshaw said...

cursing you out?...nah :)
not my style. still kinda strange another nick bradshaw who just happens to be an artist as well running around...small world :) would love to see what his art looks a link?

very best!

kend said...

bradshaw!!!!!!!!! you draw to good..........theres another nick bradshaw? @(#@ it was hard enough with one!!

Scott said...

I haven't been ignoring you. It just took me a long time to find the other Nick Bradshaw's work online. At the time, there wasn't any.

Excuse me, I'm off to make a desktop of DC Nightout.