Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Batman comission V 2.0

This is part of a comission package . justice league kiddies and a cool DC trinity bar scene to come later in a newer post.


mreed said...

air travel can be the worst. seems the oddity nowadays when it goes as planned.
GREAT BATMAN! looks fantastic no doubt.

Massacremike said...

Nick - sorry to hear about those travel woes. That sounds horrendous. Makes me all the happier that I stayed put at home this Holiday Season.

Regardless of having to do Batman over again for the second time, this piece looks incredible. I hope you'll be kind enough to post the other parts to it once they are done!

Peace, dude.

SteveLambe said...

I share in your hate of Air Canada. I got stuck for two days at the Toronto airport because of bad weather.....in the SUMMER! Every airline was flying but them....AND they lost my luggage when I finally arrived.

If AC had nads, I would cowpunch them.

Great batman btw :)

Justin said...

I really like this Nick. Your work keeps getting better and better each time I check back.