Monday, November 3, 2008



superman darkseid piece i did for a comission awhile back( that the dude backed out of ...grrrr) anyways i found time to ink over the weekend. since i forgot all my "to-do" artwork at the office over the weekend....mondays gonna suck.


Chris Shields said...

Holy crap Nick, that's amazing! I can't understand why someone would back out of getting a commission, especially from you! I always wait until I have the money before I request anything.

I'm trying to decide whether my next commission from you will be inked or if I'll get two commissions. Still a little ways off though, so I've got some time to decide! :D

rory said...

Fantastic piece, fantastic blog! Very fun style, reminds me of Art Adams, but that's not a bad thing whatsoever.

Shakey said...

hey nickorama, from the truest of Supes fans, this one gets an A+ times 10. final product turned out great man!. As a representative of the superman community, you will receive a free high five on monday. see ya at work yo!