Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Darkman covers

Heya! These were done last year. My old man kept the cover to #1 for himself but I am selling the cover to #2 if anyones interested shoot me an e-mail. These were tonns of fun! and I got to play around with the inks a little bit...5 years or so I'll start getting the hang of it.


anime2000 said...

Wow!! your hella good I like your work a lot. I Particularly like your pencil art as well as your ink art. There all so well done and clean. Keep up the good work.
I'll be coming back here to check out your new post.

Justin said...

Really digging that first one Nick!

Massacremike said...

Hey Nick, you probably won't remember me but I met you through, I believe it was, the Digital Webbing forums several years back. And then I met you in person at a comic show in Toronto where you looked at my work, gave me some helpful tips and, of course, drew me an Ash sketch.

I lost web contact with you when your old site went inactive so I was really happy when I saw a link on someone else's blog yesterday taht said "Nick Bradshaw"!

Anyway, it's been a blast checking out all your fantastic artwork that I've been missing. Feel free to pop on over to my blog and check out what I've been up to if you have a moment.

Take care, man!